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Published on August 16th, 2013 | by Flora David

GolfPad GPS Review

Being a major golf addict, I believe I have tried and tested most of the golf apps available on Android. FreeCaddie, GolfLogix, SkyDroid, etc. – they all have one thing in common. None of them were able to hold my interest for long. Some were lacking in terms of stats while others lacked basic scorecards. There were a few which completely killed my battery as well. However, one app which stands out from this list is the Golf Pad Andoid app. I came across the app last week and being a golf addict, I simply downloaded the app to check it out. While I was expecting another boring experience, I was pleasantly surprised when I actually had loads of fun using the app. To put things into perspective, I added a new course onto the app and found out that it worked as fast as the developers had claimed.


The fact that Golf Pad is a free app (you can buy the upgraded premium version as well) has in no way reduced its functionality. In fact, it is an extremely easy to use and handy app which boasts of excellent  accuracy in terms of yardage.

One of its most likeable features is that the yardage was shown in the centre of the green and there were front and back yardages as well. Furthermore, Golf App uses google maps and allows you to point at any hazard or bunker to get an exact distance.  I must mention that I tried many other apps, but none were able to boast of the accuracy offered by the Golf App.

Another feature which I love about the Golf App is that it does not drain my battery. My job requires me to be accessible on the phone 24 x 7 and the Golf App did not let me down. In fact, I still had about 30% battery life left after 18 holes.

A few other notable features about the Golf App are that it consists of aerial views, PGA quality scorecards, options for saving playing history, statistics, the option to compare your current statistics with your overall average, sharing your scorecards on social networking sites and a rangefinder which supports yards and meters.

While it is extremely difficult to find a fault in the App, I could say that the only drawback of my playing experience was that there is no option to save my maps so that I could access them when the 3G connectivity is bad.

All in all, I believe that the Golf Pad GPS app for Android phones is the ideal app for anyone who loves Golf and wants to understand the course that they are playing in. You might not believe this but the Golf App actually helped me shave a few strokes off the game.

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